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2018! This more than any other is MY YEAR! 

This past year as a NEW Real Estate Investor, I purchased a cash-flowing self storage business, 4 acres of prime interstate land, an apartment building and more raw land for a multi-purpose commercial development project.  This was accomplished without using my credit or money.  In fact, I am un-fundable, meaning I have no credit. My story is in the book by Woody Woodward,
"Conversations with Top Real Estate Investors".

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"To Succeed, Jump as Quickly at Opportunities as You do at Conclusions"
- Benjamin Franklin - 
The Book: "Conversations with
Top Real Estate Investors"
"Have you ever wanted to be sitting at the table when major real estate transactions were happening just to be able to glean insider information? If your answer was, "Yes" then this book is dedicated to you. You are going to be like a fly on the wall as top real estate investors are being interviewed and sharing their tips and strategies to being successful. These are honest and raw interviews with the intent to inspire you to follow your real estate dreams."

This book that I was invited to be a part of is not just my story. It is a collection of many stories, strategies and secrets from successful real estate investors. Some were broke, earning by the hour or even unemployed having to start over wondering "Is this all there is to life?" Maybe you can identify. This book will give you hope and inspiration. If we could become top real estate investors, so can you. Make 2018 your best year ever. 

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